Being open and honest through blogging

photograph of the Leading the Way team in Federation House

The aim of the Leading the Way programme is to transform how our Co-op Food stores operate. We want to help store colleagues with the things they need to do, in the time they have and give them the freedom to be great Co-op shopkeepers.

Over the last few weeks we’ve started to let you know about some of the work we’ve been doing to help make things simpler in store.

Blogging: our latest way to communicate

Now, the Leading the Way team is going to blog regularly to share what we’re working on and ask for your thoughts and feedback. We’re keen to have an open communication channel with all the business and enhance the existing more formal comms channels. We want to keep connected with you all and share what we are seeing, hearing and discovering as the project develops. 

Quick intro

Photograph of Steve Logue in a Co-op Food store

I’m Steven Logue, Head of Stores Transformation, and I have the privilege of heading up this exciting piece of work. We’re aiming to make your life in store better by making tasks simpler and removing the things that just don’t make any sense. We know everyone works hard and we need to make sure our solutions are about working smarter not harder.

You’ve all had a busy Easter trading period and the start of hopefully a good summer and along with my colleagues from the Retail Support Centre, I’ve spent some time in stores over the last few weeks. It’s great to see the passion and enthusiasm in our store teams and a real focus to get things right for our customers.

Making things simpler

We need to challenge ourselves to get the basics right and complete activities and tasks in the way they should be done, not creating work-arounds or additional checks for example. Ask yourself if you’re really working to the model in your store?

We want to hear from you

We’re looking at different ways of talking to and listening to you that will make sure we listen, act and fix the things that get in the way of you delivering a great service to our members and customers.

It’s been great to start to share this today and I know that all the team are really looking forward to talking to you regularly. We encourage your comments, questions and feedback on our progress so let us know what you think below.

You can sign up to get email alerts when we post something new.

Steven Logue
Head of Stores Transformation

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